Turning off welcome emails will allow you to add all of your members into the database without them receiving an email, until you are ready to go “Live” on the Software.

This will give you time to give them a heads up to look out for an email with a OneFitStop email address. A few days before you go “Live” on the software is a good time to turn the Welcome emails on, this will give the client a few days to login to their accounts.

To Turn off welcome emails go to:

1. Account Settings
2. Configuration Tab
3. Locate 'Customize Emails Triggered by OneFitStop' section
4. Select 'Edit' button
5. Disable 'Admin | Change Password Email (Reset By Client)' and 'Admin | Change Password Email (Reset By Business)'

NOTE: You can trigger emails manually at a later date by going to the "Clients" page and on the client row clicking the "Email" icon on the far right. This email icon only shows if a client has not yet signed into their account which also allows you to resend a welcome email in the future. You can also send a bulk welcome email by clicking the email icon in the header bar.



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