Setting the Cancellation period is very important for a few reasons:

  1. This will help limit the amount of no shows
  2. The Session credit will auto deduct upon booking. In order for them to receive an automatic refund, they need to cancel within the time frame you decide.
  3. If they cancel, and the time has passed for cancelation, they will not receive a refunded session.

To edit the cancellation period:

1. Go to Account settings
2. Select the Configurations Tab
3. Locate the Business Profile section and select 'Edit'
4. Cancellations (add in the timeframe)
5. Select 'Save' button

NOTE: You have the ability to remove a client at any stage before, during or after a class or session. When you opt to remove the client and they have paid you will have the opportunity to refund their payment in the form of a credit or card depending on the payment method.



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