Hapana can integrate the Facebook SDK directly into your branded app. You can request to add this to your app if you have an Enterprise plan at any point. The Hapana team will proceed to release the update based on our semi-annual update cycles for branded apps. If you wish to expedite the delivery and update with an off-cycle update release reach out to our support team to initiate this process (fee's apply).


Follow the steps below to begin the integration process:


Step 1: Go to https://developers.facebook.com/

Step 2: Create a new app with the following settings


  • App type: Business
  • App name: Your brand name
  • App contact email: Your direct email
  • Business account: connect your brand business account if you have one (optiona


Step 3: In the left navigation, click on App Roles > Roles


In the “Administrators” section, “Add Administrator” and enter the username: ajarron


Step 4: Notify Hapana you have completed this process by emailing support@hapana.com

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